Modern Curtains 2024: Best ideas to dress up the window with style

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Wondering & pondering over the wana-be curtaindom ? Materials, lengths, ties, there are so many possible variations that you get utterly confused … Discover the parameters not to be overlooked to choose your modern curtains 2024 well and meet your needs while bringing a decorative touch to your interior.

Modern curtains go viral in 2024

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Modern  Curtains 2024: Best ideas to dress up the window with style

For a tuneful décor, the curtains might correspond to the atmosphere. We can seek congruence with the colors & wall patterns, (frames, cushions, vases..) or create a divergence: the curtains will bring a touch of fantasy. To refine the decoration, and to avoid an unfinished rendering, they always need an accessory. To do this, modern curtains are a good alternative. Fabric, support, color, size, everything about the criteria for choosing curtains. On the trend side, the modern curtains are coming back into fashion: vegetal, urban or more traditional, they are revisited in a fine and graphic style.

Types of modern curtains 2024

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Modern  Curtains 2024: Best ideas to dress up the window with style

Stripes in the curtains are always popular: vertical to increase the feeling of height in the room, or horizontal to widen the space. For the modern curtains, we find colors such as aqua blue, menthol green, coral, fuchsia or marsala red, but also natural tones such as linen or chocolate. You may not know that one of the trendiest solutions is the Venetian curtain or the roller blind, models that are very different from the more traditional ones with rods or rails.

To decorate a room, nothing better than beautiful modern curtains! They bring a decorative touch by dressing a window and fulfill several functions. They filter the light, preserve your privacy or provide thermal insulation.

Kitchen curtains

Blinds are popular in the kitchen. Humidity, grease splashes… The Venetian blind? Why not, provided you clean the blades regularly: dusting with a special feather duster and washing (in the bathtub with lukewarm water + degreasing cleaner). We prefer polyester curtains (which go through the machine) or, better, roller blinds treated to repel dirt and moisture.

Modern Curtains 2024: Living room

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Modern  Curtains 2024: Best ideas to dress up the window with style

For the LR: for the curtain to become a looked-about asset, they must be chosen according to the décor. To make a success of its decoration, it is advisable to choose the colors according to the furniture or the wall covering. Bachette cotton and linen offer the best garments. Natural and light, they make it possible to modulate the light and create a cozy or enlightened atmosphere.

The glazing

Very easy to install, the glazing elegantly dresses small windows. Usually made of a thin, transparent fabric, it lets light into your rooms. The glazing is particularly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

Vintage curtains

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If you are using a vintage design with strong wallpaper-like concepts, a unique color will work best. In a light, neutral room with few or no colors, simpler patterns, such as stripes, will work well, to add some pizzazz, while keeping the room bright.

Fabrics can be crucial

For those looking for modern curtains 2024 in natural materials, the most common are those in cotton and linen: in addition to being refined and elegant, these fabrics are also easy to clean and perfectly meet the practical requirements required by a space, as busy as the kitchen.

Sheers, blackout curtains, patterned… there is no shortage of choices to dress our windows. In addition to the decorative aspect they bring to the LR, they also have a very specific function which differs according to the rooms in the house. It is therefore necessary to always keep in mind to adapt your curtains to the space. We tell you everything to choose them well!

Polyester: Easy to maintain, it adapts to all rooms. This fabric comes in many forms. Some have a cotton look, others linen or organza. Polyester is generally transparent, allowing daylight to come into your home, without the slightest hindrance. It is fabric with a shinier appearance, can be blackout. It is the cheapest material and it does not crease. Suitable for more contemporary interiors.

Cotton: its natural appearance appeals to everyone. It is a bit thicker than sheer curtains. And filters the light, depending on the color chosen, while protecting the interior from prying eyes. It is fabric whose effect varies according to the thickness of the material. Nevertheless, it is a material with little obscuring. Suitable for all ambiences.

Polycotton: the mixture of polyester and cotton offers a sifting sheer. It combines the resistance of one and the aesthetics of the other.

Linen: the elegance of this fabric makes it a very popular material for decoration. Both chic and natural, it gives the room an incomparable note of authenticity. Sieving, it lets in a well-adjusted light. Be careful. It is fabric which, like cotton, does not obscure much. Suitable for a countryside or nature atmosphere.

Velvet: heavy fabric with a blackout effect that will give your interior a noble and warm appearance. Suitable for the Art Deco or Scandinavian trend.

The thicker curtains literally dress the windows and bring character to the room. They have the advantage of blocking the light if they are occulting or of filtering it according to their degree of opacity. Their intimate, caulking side makes them perfect for the bedroom.

Curtains & the light

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Modern  Curtains 2024: Best ideas to dress up the window with style

The curtains allow natural light to shine through while limiting prying eyes. Light and vaporous, they help keep the brightness of the room while giving it a decorative side. The blinds, which are more functional, will also allow daylight to pass through. Well suited for a kitchen or a bathroom, they are more economical, easy to maintain and they bring a nice decorative touch. But one rule is certain: think big and big and never go smaller than the opening Once the fabric has been chosen, certain recommendations must be taken into account:

The curtain materials and the choice-making

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Modern  Curtains 2024: Best ideas to dress up the window with style

The fabrics are also part of the choice: in a chic atmosphere, we favor for example jacquard, taffeta or satin; in a natural or country-style atmosphere, the fabrics and cheesecloth are perfect.

A soft linen veil will bring a touch of nature to your room. As for polyester, it will often be cheaper. Choose the linen that suits you best!

Fabrics and the functionality

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Modern  Curtains 2024: Best ideas to dress up the window with style

The fabric is an important element to consider when it comes to choosing curtains. It depends on the desired atmosphere, the desired brightness and the decoration of the room. Thus, the curtains are classified, according to their fabric, according to whether it is a sheer or a blackout.

For a chic and classic look, opt for curtains and/or sheers. Want more contemporary atmosphere? We prefer sheers. If the glass surface is large, several are installed side by side. You can even mix colors! All types of blinds lend themselves to the game, vertical strips or even Japanese panels, large sections of fabric sliding on a ceiling rail, light and refined.

What function do you expect from your curtain? Whether it is blackout or sifting? Does it also need to be insulating? Hence, these are the first questions you have to ask yourself when choosing the material for the curtain. The style you want to give to the room also matters a lot when choosing. Also be aware, however, that some models are offered with a blackout, thermal or acoustic lining.

Last but not least. Have you ever thought about installing panels instead of curtains? Also available in wood or bamboo effect, they are ideal filtering the light while enhancing the space thanks to their conceptual décor.

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